Timber Delivery..

The new year begins with the delivery of lots of fresh cut timber.

On a dull January day there’s nothing quite as uplifting as the delivery of timber stock. While the country continues life in lock down and the news seems uncertain busy hands are the best antidote. These lovely planks are part of the plan for 2021.

Those plans include a ‘Tiny House’ project that will take to it’s wheels late Spring and some renovations to The Chapel at Harewood Farm, my first Tiny House.

When things take shape I’ll add more pics here. Happy January!

Book Matched Larch

While it’s great to get a load of fresh cut timber discovering the beauty inside the heart of what looked like scrap is a delight. I split some old planks that I’ve had lying around for a for more than a few years. They were black with old mud and bits of lichen but a pass through the bandsaw revealed this lovely grain. I’m going to use the boards for cladding in the barn.

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