Timber Delivery..

The new year begins with the delivery of lots of fresh cut timber.

On a dull January day there’s nothing quite as uplifting as the delivery of timber stock. While the country continues life in lock down and the news seems uncertain busy hands are the best antidote. These lovely planks are part of the plan for 2021.

Those plans include a ‘Tiny House’ project that will take to it’s wheels late Spring and some renovations to The Chapel at Harewood Farm, my first Tiny House.

When things take shape I’ll add more pics here. Happy January!

Book Matched Larch

While it’s great to get a load of fresh cut timber discovering the beauty inside the heart of what looked like scrap is a delight. I split some old planks that I’ve had lying around for a for more than a few years. They were black with old mud and bits of lichen but a pass through the bandsaw revealed this lovely grain. I’m going to use the boards for cladding in the barn.

New Machine , New Work


Get two tradespeople talking and soon it will gravitate to tools and machines… we love to talk machines … the latest tool to change our lives and save hours. Or one that will deliver the perfect finish we’ve always striven for.

But sometimes a machine will enable a new line of work.

This last week I’ve been on such a journey with a new machine that has opened up new possibilities. I was commissioned to build 2  six foot tall and heavy driveway gates which was beyond my original workshop kit but after a week of getting to know my new saw I’m pleased with the result

I’m looking forward to seeing these new gates hung… thankfully I’m handing this job to a strong young man!

Working from home during lock-down

Though it looks like some easing of the restrictions are on the horizon I expect that normality will be some time coming. After my brush with Covid … or was it?!  I’m taking no chances. Until I can return to the shop I’ve set up my own ‘Field Workshop’ and by the end of this week I’ll be ready to undertake workshop based projects. For instance things like shelves and cabinets, small furniture repairs and new garden furniture etc.

We can do virtual site meetings with apps like Zoom and WhatsApp and social distance deliveries etc. Let’s talk if you have a project or piece in mind.

A Retrospective

With things on hold with Covid 19 and the first rainy day since lock down I thought I should update my site to reflect some of the last years work, something of a retrospective…

Headboard In Wanut

Work at the Rectory concluded with work on the Master Bedroom Wardrobe and Headboard in Walnut and choice walnut veneers with style inspiration harking back to Art Deco influences.

Then slightly further back I built for the same clients Utility Room units and a Hall stand which included caddy boxes in bent birch ply (an idea I’ve been playing with) …  I first used the bentwood boxes to fit into a high cupboard above the fridge in the kitchen.

I’ll be posting more images from the workshop soon… If you want to discuss new work post Covid 19 then contact me. Stay Safe!

New Work and Covid 19


It’s the first week of the shut down and plans in the workshop have gone sideways somewhat… Obviously my work couldn’t be considered essential in these times and social distancing rules out working in your home. I could do fabrication in the workshop although supplies of materials are harder to source. As the weeks progress and we all find our way through perhaps it will become easier to plan projects in the second half of the year? I’m here to talk through your ideas for the future so drop me a line. More from me soon…

The Rectory

My Latest kitchen project completed summer 2018… This build took just over 6 months from receiving the raw materials into my workshop to fitting. Everything apart from hardware and accessories were built from scratch. The doors and frames are made from Tulipwood and interiors are Latvian Birch ply. Painted in Farrow and Ball colours. Worktops are Carrara Bianco Granite

The Chapel

This year I completed the kitchen that is displayed on the home page and in between everything else I’ve been building our first retreat structure we’re calling the Chapel. This week the wood burner went in and I can’t wait to get the chimney connected up so it’s ready for the cold nights. It is packed with insulation and already stays pretty cosy… more soon.